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Designing Systems to Fit Your Needs

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A hallmark of our work here at Kennedy Mechanical, Inc. is our ability to provide our clients with complete design and installation solutions. For us, this means offering a breadth of services and support throughout every phase of their project. Whether you are expanding your facility or renovating an existing industrial structure, count on us to design efficient, effective plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection systems for you.
Industrial HVAC Design - Rochester, NY

Advanced Technology & Proven Results

We have vast field experience and are adept at overcoming the challenges present on every project. Our in-house design team utilizes the latest technology and programs to bring your systems to life. Using Autodesk Revit, we will design and integrate your new systems into your existing or proposed building layouts. We will coordinate with other contractors on your project to ensure your new plumbing, HVAC, or fire protection systems are constructible and suited to your needs.

Fire Protection

Producing Cost-Effective, Functional Designs

It is not enough to plan and construct a stunning structure. It is essential to work with experienced contractors who can design and implement functional, cost-effective systems within your facility or building. Throughout every phase of the design and implementation process, we never lose sight of the project goals or the system’s end-use.

We are committed to safety, efficiency, and success on every project. To learn more about our design services, repair capabilities, or to request service, please contact us today at 585-232-2800.

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